Mount of Olives panorama

Mount of Olives panorama
A panoramic view of the Mount of Olives

Monday, October 10, 2011

Passover Seder (Fall 2011)

Yes, Pesach or Passover only comes once a year, in the spring.  But because we have three different semesters of students, we hold a seder (literally, "order of service") with the full traditional meal and elements every semester.  Tonight we held a seder for our Fall 2011 students.

Mr. Ophir, who teachers Near Eastern Studies from the Jewish perspective, came and took our students through a traditional Passover meal in the Oasis cafeteria.  A committee of students, operating with Jen Harper, Steve's wife, organized the evening, and our cafeteria staff produced the meal.

The head table, for Mr. Ophir and the students participating in the readings

A traditional Passover plates with all the elements.

Elaine makes and eats a "Hillel" sandwich: maror (horseradish as the bitter herb) and charoset (apple, honey, and nut mash to represent the mortar of the Egyptian slaves) between two pieces of matzah.

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