Mount of Olives panorama

Mount of Olives panorama
A panoramic view of the Mount of Olives

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dead Sea Field Trip

This was our last full-day field trip of the semester; all that remains now are the two days we spend on our "Last Week Walk" going to Passion sites as the students' last experience after their final exams and before their departure.

For the Dead Sea Field Trip, we take the students of Masada, En Gedi, to swim (just float, actually) in the Dead Sea, and Qumran.  For the history of and more background about these sites, look at last semester's post.

Here is today's highlight video:


In a later Byzantine church on top of Masada
The class "focus group," a.k.a. the "kitchen cabinet"

It is Passover week.  Someone left a piece of matza on the site!
In the rebel's synagogue on Masada, where we had a short devotional where I talked about the value of human life in contrast to Josephus' mass suicide here
On of the Roman campus used in the siege

In the lowest tier of the hanging (northern) palace

Hanging with Kyle and Ethan
En Gedi

Caves such as the one where David found the sleeping Saul

With Brennan, "it's a hat thing!"

The Dead Sea

Mark reading a paper while floating

With Jon-Jon, Tuck, and Lizzy after digging in the "mud."  Lizzie wines the prize, I think

David reading a paper

Rachel could be one of the students!
Brother Ludlow taking it easy


One of the famous caves
It had been a long, hot day. Students are not too excited

Okay, here Kyle, Maddie, and Amanda give it the ol' college try

As do Ethan and Sam


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