Mount of Olives panorama

Mount of Olives panorama
A panoramic view of the Mount of Olives

Friday, September 30, 2011

Arab Culture Night

On Wednesday evening, September 28, the Jerusalem Center held its traditional Arab Culture Night.  Here are a few of the highlights:

It is intended to give our students an idea of what Arab, and Muslim, culture is like, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.  It begins with a lecture by the Arabic teacher about Islam, where two sheiks from the Al Aqsa Mosque here in Jerusalem chanted Qur`an and demonstrated Muslim prayer.

I must note that it was actually rather ironic that we held our celebration after Ramadan and, in fact, on the even of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.  But because all of our potential Jewish lecturers were had religious and family obligations, it was not possible to do something for Rosh Hashanah that night.

We then had a rather extensive feast in the Oasis cafeteria, which featured traditional Palestinian foods.  Almost all of the students, and some of the faculty families, including my Rachel, dressed for the occasion.

The evening ended with some instructions, and a little practice, at Palestinian dancing.

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