Mount of Olives panorama

Mount of Olives panorama
A panoramic view of the Mount of Olives

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trial Videos from Galilee

All right, now these are just PRACTICE runs.  I have a very fine, departmentally provided high definition camera that takes wonderful videos, though my filming leaves something to be desired.  Jared helped me with a few where I actually appear on screen, and he already does better than I.  I know that the sound is also a little uneven . . . I have a wireless microphone, but I did not use it until the last few, and then I had some trouble with the mix (had left the camera microphone on that picked up all kinds of traffic noise in Nazareth, though the wireless did pick me up as I stood pretty far away).

ANYWAY, I hope you kind of enjoy these brief clips . . . better ones are on the way with practice and with more familiarity with the sites.

This is a brief clip introducing Capernaum, starting at the waterfront where Jesus would have called Simon and Andrew, James and John.  This was the base of Jesus' Galilean ministry.

The obvious ruins in this video date from a period after Jesus, but they are built on the foundation of a sanctuary that dates to the first century.  In all likelihood Jesus taught and healed here.

This church on the Mount of the Beatitudes was built by Mussolini, strangely enough, after his reconciliation with the Vatican. But it is a beautiful site, commemorating the most masterful sermon ever delivered.

This clip has its problems. I tried using my wireles microphone for the first time, and it picked me up well.  But I left the camera microphone open, and it picked up lots of traffice noise.  Still, it is fun to imagine where Mary might have received the good tidings that she would be the mother of the Son of God.

The problem here was not my wireless microphone, it was my whispering! But I did not want to raise my voice in a church.  I will figure this out yet.  Anyway, the modern Bascilica of the Annunciation is built over the remains of earlier churches from the Byzantine and Crusader era.  The "grotto" or basement of the bascilica has an altar and sanctuary built among the remains of some of these earlier churches.

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