Mount of Olives panorama

Mount of Olives panorama
A panoramic view of the Mount of Olives

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Turkey Day 7: Nicaea (modern Iznik) and back to Istanbul

Again we followed last semester's itinerary, but we did better with our schedule, which allowed us to see the Sultanahmet Cami (Blue Mosque) after we finished at Hagia Sophia.

The waterside of Lake Nicaea

Reviewing the christological controversies leading up to the First Council of Nicaea
Singing "I Believe in Christ" after reciting the first four articles of faith.

Rachel in front of Aya Sofya
Inside, noting the part reconverted back into a mosque
Istanbul Topkapi or Gate


A piece of reused Greek sculpture re-used in the gates

Back in Istanbul

Welcome to Europe! Crossing the Bosphorus Bridge

With Rachel in front of the Queen of all churches . . . well, a church for 1,000 years, then a mosque for 500, and a museum for some 80

The inner narthex of Hagia Sophia

My students on the second floor gallery


Justinian presents the Hagia Sophia church to Mother and Child while Constantine presents his city, Constantinople
Remains of the Deisis, or Judgment, with Mary and John the Baptist imploring mercy from Christ for Christians

Rachel with Susan Bell in front of the Blue Mosque

Rival Soccer flags. "Our" team is the red and gold Galatasaray.

Our last meal

With our guide, Necip Edis, and our driver, Ayhan

In conclusion, here are some video clips from the rest of the week:

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